Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The ugly, almost naked guy

I have a neighbor that works out in his yard, all day and night long, in only his underwear. Not sure why he thinks this is okay, but he does it and it brings all sorts of giggles and chuckling by anyone who either lives near him or has heard about him.

My friend/neighbor who has the privilege of living across the street from him got some pictures a while ago and posted them on her blog.

Take a look.

I'm all about saving money, so here's your free entertainment!

Needs vs. Wants

I've written in the past about need vs. want.

I just read a blog post by Seth Godin that I thoroughly enjoyed that brings that point to home a bit more. He writes for small businesses/entrepreneurs, but I think his words can be applied to all of us personally as well. Take a look: HUNGRY

Monday, November 17, 2008

A tip from me to you:

Are you one of those people who gets email after email about safety issues, ways to gas your car up properly, what to watch out for, etc.?

I get those kinds of emails ALL THE TIME. I usually don't read them (sorry if you are one of the ones that send me those kinds of things).

But I did end up reading one that gave suggestions on how to get better gas mileage for your car. For whatever reason, it "stuck" in my brain and the suggestions seemed good and made sense.

It says to fill your car up in the morning when it's still cool outside and to not put the "lock" on the highest setting - you know, the thing you set on the gas pump that makes it so you don't have to hold it the entire time. It tells you to put it on the slowest setting instead of the highest setting.

I tried this the other day and would you believe I got 75 more miles out of this tank of gas? Granted, because the gas pump was set on the slowest setting, it was REALLY slow (I was able to go into the convenience store, fill up a soda, wait in line to pay for it, pay for it, then walk back outside and it still wasn't finished) - but it didn't produce any vapors as a result and it filled my tank up completely. I have just a dumb little Ford sedan, so 75 miles is actually quite a bit more for this car.

Maybe the cars with bigger tanks will get even better gas mileage than I did if you try it. Let me know how it goes for you. Seriously - I wanna hear about it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Book Recommendation

Anything by Shannon Hale is always great. I just read her book The Princess Academy and was completely satisfied with it.

Run to your library (don't buy it - save money and get it from the library) and check it out. It's fantastic!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chad and Cassie on Rachael Ray

Most of you know my little sister spent some time on Rachael Ray as a guest tagged as the "Most embarrassing family in America!"

I don't know how to embed a video here (someone will have to show me some time), but here's the link to watch their segment. It's only about 5 minutes long but kinda fun to see them on National TV: Chad and Cassie on Rachael.

It's free entertainment, which is why I'm posting. I'm all about free everything these days.

Love to you all...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't forget to vote!

It's vitally important that each and every one of you vote. Please be sure to get out there and do it. The lines will be long and the wait will seem like forever, but it will be worth it (and next time consider the early mail-in ballot - it's awesome).

Make your votes COUNT!