Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Debt Update

When I started this blog, I was about $52,000 in debt. It's gone down some and I wanted to share with you my new numbers (I'm really opening this personal thing up even more to all of you):

Credit card: $3,264.20
Car loan: $7,985.65
LOC: $34,523.56

This makes for a grand total of $45,773.41. It's still a huge number. An extremely huge number. But it is going down. Slowly, but definitely surely.

I love that it's no longer in the $50,000 range. And once I hit the $30,000 range, that will be another huge milestone for me, so that's my next goal I'm looking forward to.

Thank you so so much for all of your kind words and support in this process. It really keeps me going and having all of you to report to has made a world of difference in truly achieving this goal.

On to the $30,000 number!

Monday, February 11, 2008

No House.

Sigh. I really thought I could do it. Figure out a way to have a mortgage and work on this debt at the same time. The housing market is such that NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY.

Now for everyone but Tara.

I saw a bunch of homes this Saturday as Andi and I went out and looked and scouted. Really fun homes, not-so-cute-but-oh-so-practical homes, and new construction homes. I must admit I liked those the best.

I thought maybe I could roll my line of credit into my mortage. My LOC is at 18.99% and mortages are between 5-6% right now. I thought if I paid extra on my mortgage at the much lower rate, it would be better than paying the higher rate.

Anyway, I was told I couldn't do that and I'm better off just working on the LOC myself.

Wah. I REALLY want a house. I'm not known for my patience. But Heavenly Father is teaching me it on a constant basis these days.

It's for the best, I know.

It WILL be done.

Some day.


Two More Kids...

I'm going to honor my nieces/nephews by posting a little something about them when it's their birthday.

Today it's all about Tyler and Raegan.

Tyler's 7th birthday was Friday. Raegan's 10th birthday is tomorrow. They are brother and sister and got to celebrate their birthdays with their family together (though they had separate parties with their friends). Their mom is embarrased about this cake, but it just goes to show it's homemade and those are always the yummiest, even if they're not the prettiest.

I don't get to see Tyler and Raegan all that often as they live in a different state than I do. But I sure do love them. Fiercely. And I miss their beautiful faces all the time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAE RAE AND TC! I love you a whole lot!

Friday, February 1, 2008

My 19 Kids

As you all know, I have not had the pleasure of having a family of my own. I'm a 37-year old old maid and as much as I would love to have a husband and children, I have been oh so blessed with having 9 nephews and 10 nieces to be related to.

I love these kids. Fiercely.

Let me tell you about one of them right now (and I'm sure I'll share more stories about others in the future).

Porter is his name. He will be 12 years old tomorrow and he's as handsome as the day is long. Take a look:

This is a big birthday. He receives the Priesthood on Sunday. Being the only boy in his family (he has 6 sisters and no brothers), this is the first and only time the Derrick family gets to experience this.

He's a sweetie and I love him a whole lot.

This doesn't have anything to do with debt, but I just wanted to celebrate someone special.

Happy birthday Porter Bug!