Wednesday, June 24, 2009

E flat

If any of you have driven in my car lately, you know how LOUD it is.

A few months ago I got two new tires. Because of this, for whatever reason, the two new tires and the two old tires aren't loving each other and the ride in my car is friggin' loud. Seriously - ear splitting. I. Am. Not. Lying.

There is one little perk to this, though. I find that the sound that it makes when I'm going the appropriate speed limit sounds like E flat on the piano. If it goes any higher than E flat, I am speeding. Any lower and I'm going too slow.

I can also harmonize with the sound when I'm driving at a steady pace.

It really is hilarious.

And I really am retarded.

I should get two more new tires but these older ones aren't sufficiently worn down yet. Gotta get the most out of them to get my money's worth.

And no one wants to ride with me anywhere any more, so I don't have to drive anywhere so I save gas money.

See, I did manage to tie this to getting out of debt (smile).

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Dad.

My sister Cassie spent some time with my dad yesterday and updated her blog with his status and some pictures. Please feel free to take a look:

Cassie's Blog

I love this man and wish he felt as good as he looks. Damn Cancer...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Mom.

I was talking to my mom last night on the phone. A family friend died earlier this week and we were talking about that, about my dad, about life in general, and mom mentioned that I don't post enough on my blog. She thinks I need to do it more often. She's not the first to tell me this, but she's definitely the most insistent.

I told her there's only so much to say - yes I am still in debt - yes I'm still trying to get it taken care of - yes it's a neverending process, etc. Not a whole lot of new things to report on.

So - since there's nothing new to post, Mom, this blog post is dedicated to you.


(Mom and my niece Kalli)

My mom was born October 16, 1941, in Morenci, Arizona (strange town - the hospital where she was born wasn't demolished - it was buried with mining waste - isn't that odd?). She was born to Everett and Laura Nelson. She has two brothers (Norman and Keith) and two sisters (Gayle and Sandy) and was the middle child (just like me). She moved to Mesa, AZ as a baby.

(Mom, Aunt Gayle, Aunt Sandy - Mom's sisters)

Mom grew up in Mesa, Arizona and graduated from the old Mesa High School in 1959. One of the coolest things I got to wear while in high school (Mesa High School class of 1988) was my mom's class ring - it was awesome. (No idea where that ring is today. Cassie, do you have it?) It was cool to have a piece of my mom's history with me every day and I really enjoyed wearing it.

Mom and Dad have been married since July 7, 1962.

(Mom and Dad, Thanksgiving 2008)

Mom was a beauty operator (hairstylist these days) and worked in a salon until she had her first baby. Leslie (my oldest sister) came on May 31, 1963, and Mom has been a full-time hair-styling mother since then. Because she had five daughters, her hair styling talents and abilities were never lost and always, ALWAYS used. I was 20 years old before I had to pay anyone to cut my hair. I was and am so grateful to mom for all the haircuts, henna washes, perms (oh so many perms when you grew up in the 80s), and colors received over the years.

(LaRue sisters with picture-perfect hair: [L-R] Andrea, Stacey, Tara, Cassie, Leslie)

When Andrea and I returned from Maui recently, Mom told me she wishes she could go up and parasail. Isn't that awesome? I would LOVE to see my mom parasail. I would love for my mom to have an opportunity to be able to parasail.

(Tara, Sister and Brother LaRue - Smith Farm, Palmyra, NY)

Mom and Dad served a mission to the Rochester, NY mission from February 2007 to January 2008. I had the honor and privilege of visiting them while they were there. It was a beautiful (COLD) area where they served and they were beloved by everyone there.

(Sister and Brother LaRue, Rochester, NY Mission)

The tenderness I've witnessed lately between my mom and dad is something I will never, ever forget. They love each other so much and thrive around each other. Dad is a much better patient when Mom is near him. When she's not around, he gets a little agitated and doesn't seem to do as well. They are each other's ying to the other's yang (I don't know what that means - I just liked the sound of it).

Mom, I hope this doesn't embarrass you too much, but I just wanted the world to know a little more about you. I love you, I'm grateful for you, and I'm grateful for all you do for me and the rest of our family. I love how you love Dad and am grateful that you're willing to carry the world on your shoulders for him. I hope somehow to find a way to help lighten your burden. In the meantime, I'll just constantly pray for you to have the strength to face each day.

(Mom and Tara, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, NY)

Love you Mom!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, and...


I woke up this morning mad. And cranky. And grumpy.

No one wants to hear a bunch of whining and gritching and groaning, so I probably shouldn't be blogging while so cranky. Instead, I'm going to direct you to my roommate's blog:

She's going to Ethiopia next month and is trying to raise money to do a day long EFY (Especially For Youth) conference for around 200 young church members there. This will take some time and effort (both of which Jennifer is excited to donate) and money (she's hoping to raise around $1,500) to make this happen.

If you go to her blog, there is a PayPal button on the right-hand side that will enable you to donate to her cause.

She can take as little or as much as you can donate - nothing is too small or too big.

And if you would like to spread the word, that would be simply fantastic.

Thanks everyone.

Grumpy Goat Tara

PS: Again, if you missed it, her blog address is