Saturday, May 17, 2008

A HORRIBLE way to save money... to get really, REALLY sick.

I've been puking and pooping (sorry) since Wednesday night. It is now Saturday night and this is the first time I've even ventured out of my bedroom.

You save money because you aren't going anywhere so therefore you save on gas money, not to mention wear and tear on your car.

You save money because you aren't eating or drinking a single, solitary thing, so no grocery money is spent.

You save money because you can't drag yourself out of bed long enough to take a shower. You're saving on water, heat, toiletries, energy in general.

You save money because when you're not puking and/or pooping, you are sleeping, so there are no energy costs going on there with the TV on or the lights on.

You save money because when you're puking and/or pooping, you don't want to go anywhere, do anything, see anyone, and you save on entertainment costs.

I'm WAY tired of saving money this way. I hope never, Ever, EVER again to be so gosh dern frugal. BLECH.


Bren's Life said...

I'm so sorry your sick... I hope you get better soon. It's cute how you wrote this though. Great way to think positive..


You crack me up. I love you blog and how you always make me laugh, even when you are so sick. I hope you are feeling better and can live again. Do you still teach piano? melanie

Jennifer said...

Glad you're recovering. And thank YOU so much for working so hard at keeping it to yourself. So far so good for me, eh? Let's keep hoping for good health.

lilivw said...

Oh - I had that a few weeks ago and it was miserable. I don't remember feeling that bad for a very long time. Glad you are feeling better!

Amy said...

YUCK-get better soon!

Jenifer said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. It's awful when the two P's hit at the same time. Think of all the good you can do with the money you saved!

RSHixon said...

My favorite part of this kind of illness is that I lose weight. After all your comments sickness sounds like a win win win situation! Glad you are feeling better though.

Don and Sandy said...

Hmm, I never thought of pooping and puking as an energy saver before,
Glad you are better

Bryn said...

sorry i gave it to you.