Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I am not suffering...

A lot of people (especially at work) ask me how I feel sacrificing the "niceties" in life by doing this getting-out-of-debt program. I answer them all the same. It's not a sacrifice, and there are people in my life who supply me these niceties on a regular basis, whether it's taking me out to lunch, giving me gift cards, putting movie tickets in my purse (I still don't know who did this), etc. I'm so blessed.

I was going through my purse the other day looking at all the gift cards, etc. that I can still use and I have quite a bit. Take a look:

Funnily enough, this came from the bank that supplied me my horrible Line of Credit - it was a "bonus" for using them (quite a bonus at 18.99%). I still don't know how to use it since supposedly it was supposed to come with some kind of code to activate - I got the card but never the code.

Here is a single movie ticket that landed in my purse towards the end of last year (I think). I can't tell you who it came from or when it showed up in my purse or even why I was fortunate enough to receive it. I also got a gift card to the movies (for Christmas), as well as a gift card to Chick Fil-A (from my 12-days-of-Christmas Secret Friend). I'm not a huge fan of fast food, but Chick Fil-A is one of two that I do enjoy. A lot. I LOVE this card.

This is another set of movie tickets that also landed in my purse. Hmm, methinks maybe I leave my purse unattended too often (smile). Anyway, what a pleasant surprise to find these. I'm just waiting on a good enough movie to use them for.

My lovely friend Lori gave me this Barnes & Noble gift card for my birthday last year. I got it shortly after I sold all of my books at my garage sale and was feeling a little blue about it. It was so fun to get this and so far, save it for that special book that I absolutely HAVE to have, no matter the cost. (Still waiting...)

I received these two gift cards from a friend of mine last year (one just because and one for Christmas). Both go to Carrabba's, which is one of my all time favorite restaurants. Because it's so much food, I don't eat here very often (though the one right by my house calls my name on a regular basis - I don't answer it near enough), which is why I still have some left on these cards. But what a great night out when it's Carrabba's free food.

Last but not least, when I do go out to lunch or go get lunch for my bosses, I have a punch card. These tend to get filled up fast because of how many orders I do. Because of this, I get free lunches on a fairly regular basis at these two restaurants. How delightful is that?

Yeah - there isn't a whole lot of suffering going on here. I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and not only benefitting from getting out of debt, but am being spoiled rotten by those who love me.

I love my life!


Jennifer said...

Well DUH! Let's go do some suffering together!!

RSHixon said...

It's because you are just so easy to love Tara. That million dollar smile is the highlight of my Sundays!

Amy said...

HOLY GIFT CARDS! It does pay to do the right thing!

Bret said...

That is awesome Tara- Lots of people like to show you how much they love you!

LCrook said...

Ahhhh. Those little tender mercies of love. Looks like you're covered for awhile. :)