Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Tribute: Ruby Ann LaRue

This is probably one of the worst pictures of me (though darling of my sister Cassie and my Grandma LaRue):

I'm posting it because my sweet, 96-year old grandma LaRue passed away tonight. This picture was taken just two weeks ago, but a week later, she fell, hit her head and broke her hip and it is what finally "helped" her pass on to the other side. Up until then, she was healthier than anyone I knew. Anyone.

I'm happy she's finally getting to be reunited with my Grandpa, who took a walk 20 years ago and hasn't been seen from since. She'll finally get to learn what happened to him. The rest of us will have to wait until it's our turn.

We are having a double funeral/memorial for Grandma and Grandpa LaRue. I can't wait to be able to celebrate their lives and relive memories of them with the rest of my family.

In the mean time, I'm sad that I won't get to see her again on this earth, but oh so happy she's no longer in pain and has moved on to her eternal life and companion.

Love you Grandma.


RSHixon said...

Ruby is my favorite name! What a wonderful tribute to them. I am so happy for your family even though I am sure there is a some sadness too. I'll be thinking of you.

Amy said...

It's hard to let them go, isn't it. I'm sad for you, but so grateful that we have the gospel, and the knowledge it brings. Enjoy this time with your family and memories.

Alisa said...

Tara, what a sweet post. I miss your grandma, too, and I've never met her! She sounds like such a darling. I hope you are doing OK.

Also, I haven't forgotten that you tagged me and as soon as I forgive you for that I'll post my tag blog.

Sandra said...

That was a nice post about your grandma, and I think the picture was cute of all 3 of you.

Cassie Kerby said...

This is a great tribute Tara! Yes I sent that picture of grandma to Mary, it is a cute one itsn't it!!!

lilivw said...

So sweet Tara! What a very special lady she must have been!