Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy One-year Anniversary!

My roommate reminded me the other day that it was exactly a year ago that I started this getting-out-of-debt mission. As I looked at my first post she was right - I wrote it on October 29, 2007. She suggested I do a year update and I always try to do what Jennifer says (wink and smile goes here).

Anyway, it's a good idea so here goes:

I started out at over $50,000 in debt (to type that number still sends pangs in my stomach) last year. Here is where I am today:

Bank of America LOC (still really HATE them): $33,031.51
Mastercard: $1,988.07
Car loan: $6,343.67
Dental loan: $1,777.50


It hasn't gone down much, but as several of you have said it took a really long time to amass this amount of debt and OF COURSE it's going to take a long time to get out of it and I just need to be patient.

So my constant thoughts are, "Be patient Tara. Be patient. Be patient. BE PATIENT (dammit)!" If you know me at all, this is NOT a strong virtue of mine and swear words usually are associated with it.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for your constant kind words and thoughts and even prayers. This has been quite the year for me and my family and the support my family and I have felt from all of you has been completely amazing and beyond words.

Thank you. Off to year #2!


Jen Hilton said...

You've done great! Keep it up.

gibbez said...

You're awesome Tara! Keep up the good work. We'll have a serious party when it's all done!!!

Deanna said...

Keep it up Tara. It's down from last year and that's what matters!!

Susan said...

Good job Tara! I wish I'd run into you again- you are one great lady.

Erock! said...

You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Keep up the great work. It's the right decision and an inspriation to all of us.

lilivw said...

That is AWESOME! Just think where you will be next year!

Paul and Mari said...

I am very impressed that you have done as much as you have done in getting it down!!!!