Monday, December 22, 2008

My Favorite Radio DJ

I am one of those people who enjoy listening to the radio in the mornings for the TALK portion of it, not necessarily the music portion of it

Every morning I have looked forward to Dave Pratt and his cronies on KMLE Country 108. They were funny, he's been in Arizona in forever (so he had great stories that I could relate to growing up here myself) and I just enjoyed him and his humor and everything about their morning show.

KMLE fired their entire morning show on Thursday (12/18) afternoon. Merry Christmas to them, huh?

I think the timing was pretty rotten and am severely disappointed in KMLE for their thoughtlessness. And I'm royally bummed that I don't have a morning crew to listen to any longer. I really and truly liked and thoroughly enjoyed these guys.

Dave Pratt, Stacey Brooks, Shappy, Dooley, et. al., you are awesome and I hope to find you on the air again soon.

In the meantime, any suggestions on who to listen to for my morning ride to work each day? KMLE has lost a long-time listener. Shame on them.


Natalie said...

That is so lame! They were the only morning show I could even stand listening too! The others were just too annoying! Bummer news (for us AND them!). Anyone we can complain too? Not that it would change anything, it might just feel good. :)

Jennifer said...

Can you believe I can see your blog from WORK?


I love NPR.

No music AT ALL!

kristen said...

Everyone I've talked to about this has been so upset and disappointed about this. I think he's a good guy and does a lot for the community but I personally couldn't stand him. There's a rumor going around that they fired him to bring Tim and Willy back. I am a HUGE Tim and Willy fan. If it means Pratt losing his job to get them back, so be it.

Anonymous said...

BE CAREFUL!!! Whilst NPR has no music the political views are far left, they vehemently opposed prop 102. They support higher taxes,big government and rely on Democrat underground funds to keep their doors open

CowsIwin said...

I have been wondering where Dave and the crew have been. I thought I caught something on the news last week about someone firing a Dave that had been in the valley forever. He was the first one I thought of, but I couldn't imagine it was true. I just thought they all went on Christmas vacation as they are prone to do. Guess I was wrong. Craziness!

Bret said...

I have your solution Tara: Doug & Wolf on am 620. That's what I listen to every morning and Becki actually doesn't mind it even though it's a sports talk radio. I think Wolf is hilarious.

Lisa said...

I was ashamed of KMLE. I have had a few experiences with Tim and Willie. Tim is a horses ^%%.. I wrote to Dave Pratt to see if I could get any info on where he and his crew went! I got the following response:” Thanks Lisa! Keep in touch as 2009 could get very interesting!! I will keep in touch as well. HUGE HUGS!" If you write to him on his sight he still responds. Also my friends and I also wrote into KMLE. We advised that “this was a bad move and that Tim and Willy won’t get the warmest reception. Please take our names off all promotions, contest entries, memberships, etc! The economy is bad & Dave and the crew where the one thing we all had to look forward to in this dark time!”. I suggest anyone else who can do this they might get the hint.. This is the time of miracles!

Anonymous said...

I too thought they were on vacation, and since my kids were out of school for 2 weeks I wasn't waking up to them as usual. I was looking forward to their return from "vacation" and was surprised when they were not on the air the Monday school was back in session. I learned the news later that evening and was shocked, very disappointed, and disgusted. I loved that morning show and cannot believe they're off the air. No more KMLE for me. Horrible mistake.

The Wood Family said...

I prefer the talk portion of morning shows on the radio as well as I get ready in the mornings! I always thought that I was a nerdo. I feel for you... this is not the only radio station to have let go of the morning crew recently. :(