Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To Billy or not to Billy:

If you know me at all, you know that I love, Love, LOVE Billy Joel.

(Love him.)

He's coming to Phoenix with Elton John on March 26, 2009, for their Face-To-Face tour. I saw this show in Las Vegas (with Thelissa and Holly) in 1995 and loved it. Watching them together on stage was incredible, especially when they were sitting at their pianos - man I LOVE the way they play their pianos. I do remember thinking there was too much Elton, not enough Billy, but I'm certain a lot of that was because I love Billy so much.

I've been in a quandary since I saw this ad. Tickets go on sale this Saturday the 13th. I've never missed a Billy concert since I "discovered" how much I loved him (late 80s, early 90s).

Getting out of debt doesn't really allow for non-important things such as concert tickets. I've been incredibly good at avoiding presents for myself for the most part, and find myself talking me out of things I would normally absolutely buy all in the name of "but I'm being so good."

Just today, several people have told me I should get a ticket for myself for Christmas. I deserved it and would truly enjoy/appreciate it. And I really would. Man, I REALLY would.

But I'm still in debt. I got myself into this mess because for my entire adult life, I've always had the attitude of, "But I deserve it because [insert excuse here]." I don't deserve it. Not this time.

Sigh. Bye bye Billy.


Jenna said...


That would have been a fabulous Christmas present to yourself.

You have already seen it and I bet they have not changed one thing since you saw it. It is always better in Vegas anyways. I bet Elton is like 90% and Billy is only 10%.

I love Billy too - oh piano man - sing to me!

Allyson & Jere said...

Good for you Tara. What a hard choice to make, but I'm proud of you! I'm to freaking tight to ever pay as much as they'd want for a ticket, and BELIEVE me, I LOVE me some Billy. I'd love to see them in concert more than anything.

Jen said...


Paul and Mari said...

Amazing will power!

Sweet Notations said...

Tara, Hey its Mindy I finally got a blog, its mostly for my business, but I have enjoyed looking at your commments and stories. I will try to add some to mine as I go, I am just getting the blogging thing down.