Friday, February 27, 2009

2 Down, 2 More To Go

Guess what?!?

The credit card I opened in order to get my teeth done last spring still had a $1,422.50 balance. My MasterCard that I've been slowly paying off still had a $1,793.73 balance.

I received my AZ state and Federal refund deposit into my bank account this week.

The health credit card now has a big, fat ZERO balance.

The MasterCard now has a big, fat ZERO balance too.

I still have my Bank of America LOC (I know - that surprises you [smile]) (I owe $32,159.95) and my AZFCU car loan (I owe 5,480.68), for a total of $37,640.63.

But I eliminated ALL OF MY CREDIT CARDS. The last time I didn't have any credit card debt was in the summer of 1988, right before I started college at MCC and applied for my first credit card. That was only 21 years ago (zoiks). Crazy huh?

ANYWHO, That is still a lot of money that I owe, but eliminating two more accounts is such a huge deal for my mental health and working on this debt snowball just got a whole lot easier!

Life is seriously good right now.


Rachel said...

go Tara!!!! that is such a boost! the others are going to go faster now that you don't have those payments! YEAH!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Good girl.

Now come home.

Jenna said...

YAY - I am so proud of you Tara! You are an inspiration!

Andrea said...

Way to go!

simplyshye said...

You GO girl !!! Wowozza ! 1988 - isn't there a song that has 1988 in it :-) - that is so great ! I think you are the brave- ist !!!person ever to post all that ... i'm way to whimpy .. plus i think i believe i may not know all the numbers neithers ... ooops :-)
congrats ! Tara -- you ROCK !!

Paul and Mari said...

Way to Go! Amazing. You are working so hard on it!!!!

Cassie and Chad said...

WOO HOO!! You Rock!!!

Stacey said...

Good job, Tara. Doesn't it feel great to eliminate those cards?

Darce said...

You go girl! That is awesome! It's gotta feel sooooooo good!!

Allyson & Jere said...

Good for you, that is awesome!!!!