Wednesday, June 24, 2009

E flat

If any of you have driven in my car lately, you know how LOUD it is.

A few months ago I got two new tires. Because of this, for whatever reason, the two new tires and the two old tires aren't loving each other and the ride in my car is friggin' loud. Seriously - ear splitting. I. Am. Not. Lying.

There is one little perk to this, though. I find that the sound that it makes when I'm going the appropriate speed limit sounds like E flat on the piano. If it goes any higher than E flat, I am speeding. Any lower and I'm going too slow.

I can also harmonize with the sound when I'm driving at a steady pace.

It really is hilarious.

And I really am retarded.

I should get two more new tires but these older ones aren't sufficiently worn down yet. Gotta get the most out of them to get my money's worth.

And no one wants to ride with me anywhere any more, so I don't have to drive anywhere so I save gas money.

See, I did manage to tie this to getting out of debt (smile).


Don and Sandy said...

Tara, you are probably the only one in our family that knows an e flat.

Allyson & Jere said...

That just made me laugh. No really, that was funny. Sucks to have a noisy car ride, been there done that. However, I love that you can hear an e flat and that you harmonize with it. Yes, it was a nice tie in to the debt thing too.