Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, and...


I woke up this morning mad. And cranky. And grumpy.

No one wants to hear a bunch of whining and gritching and groaning, so I probably shouldn't be blogging while so cranky. Instead, I'm going to direct you to my roommate's blog:

She's going to Ethiopia next month and is trying to raise money to do a day long EFY (Especially For Youth) conference for around 200 young church members there. This will take some time and effort (both of which Jennifer is excited to donate) and money (she's hoping to raise around $1,500) to make this happen.

If you go to her blog, there is a PayPal button on the right-hand side that will enable you to donate to her cause.

She can take as little or as much as you can donate - nothing is too small or too big.

And if you would like to spread the word, that would be simply fantastic.

Thanks everyone.

Grumpy Goat Tara

PS: Again, if you missed it, her blog address is

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