Monday, January 21, 2008

My First Fiscally Responsible Decision...

Many years ago, I worked in an office - a very fun, lighthearted office - where I was given the nickname Tarushka LaRueski. Thank goodness Tarushka did not stick, but LaRueski did.

Many years later, I decided to advertise my nickname on my license plate:

It was a fun thing to do and I got lots of inquiries about it, making it fun to tell the reason why, where it came from, the fun people I worked with, etc.

Well in October, when it came time to renew my car registration, I saw that it was, once again, an additional $25 to have a vanity plate. It was $25 the first year, and I figured since they had to make a special plate, well, okay. But $25 each year you have the plate? That's just goofy and didn't make any sense to me at all, especially since this time around I was all about getting out of debt and knowing where every single one of my dollars go to.

So I was deeply saddened to tell them no for the vanity plate (and the fact that I am not using my vanity plate, they had to make a NEW plate for me, but didn't charge me a cost to do it - HUH?) and go to a much more hum drum one that begins with a Z.

Like in snore...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Mom said...

We are so proud of you!

Mom & Dad

Janell said...

That's funny! My sister Cami's nickname is "Rooski" ... but nobody knows why.

Good job, debt chronicles! I think it was a wise financial decision to keep Laruski on your bulletin board instead of your car. :)

SqUiRt said...

Ya know, Tara, every time I get on here and read your blog it amazes me! I am so impressed with your decisions and it had made me more aware of my financial situations. Thank you for having this blog to help me be more determined to watch where I spend my money. You're amazing! Thanks!