Monday, February 11, 2008

No House.

Sigh. I really thought I could do it. Figure out a way to have a mortgage and work on this debt at the same time. The housing market is such that NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY.

Now for everyone but Tara.

I saw a bunch of homes this Saturday as Andi and I went out and looked and scouted. Really fun homes, not-so-cute-but-oh-so-practical homes, and new construction homes. I must admit I liked those the best.

I thought maybe I could roll my line of credit into my mortage. My LOC is at 18.99% and mortages are between 5-6% right now. I thought if I paid extra on my mortgage at the much lower rate, it would be better than paying the higher rate.

Anyway, I was told I couldn't do that and I'm better off just working on the LOC myself.

Wah. I REALLY want a house. I'm not known for my patience. But Heavenly Father is teaching me it on a constant basis these days.

It's for the best, I know.

It WILL be done.

Some day.



Don and Sandy said...

Hang on Tara. Don's builder-Highland Homes are starting a new community with houses starting at $120,000. It is in QC. Cute floor plans too.

Andrea Derrick said...

Hang on Tara your time will come. I know you hate hearing that, but I am your practical sister so I have to say it. Anyway a new house is no fun if it is empty. The longer you wait and get your debt under control, the more cute furniture you will be able to afford, and make your "dream home" exactly that a dream!

TRICIA said...

I am so sorry that I hope you don't get a house. Granted I am okay with it as long as you are still in our ward. I would be so sad if I got a new library comp. I would miss you. Is is getting dusty in here???

Stew said...

That sucks. You should get something done about that 18.99% rate. There are plenty of non-profit debt negotiation companies that will help you get that lowered. I was able to get a 17.99% rate reduced to 7.99%. Let me know if you want any info about some of these companies... although I'm sure you've probably looked into it already.