Friday, February 1, 2008

My 19 Kids

As you all know, I have not had the pleasure of having a family of my own. I'm a 37-year old old maid and as much as I would love to have a husband and children, I have been oh so blessed with having 9 nephews and 10 nieces to be related to.

I love these kids. Fiercely.

Let me tell you about one of them right now (and I'm sure I'll share more stories about others in the future).

Porter is his name. He will be 12 years old tomorrow and he's as handsome as the day is long. Take a look:

This is a big birthday. He receives the Priesthood on Sunday. Being the only boy in his family (he has 6 sisters and no brothers), this is the first and only time the Derrick family gets to experience this.

He's a sweetie and I love him a whole lot.

This doesn't have anything to do with debt, but I just wanted to celebrate someone special.

Happy birthday Porter Bug!


Chad and Cassie said...

I too love that Porker Bug (as Tyler would say) he is one handsome guy. I am excited for him to get the priesthood, what a neat experience for a boy with no brothers. (or a boy with brothers)

Nikki said...

Love the name! My baby boy who is 4 now is named Porter! Your Porter is so handsome! This is definitely a neat experience. My oldest son Kaden turned 12 in August! Soooo AWESOME!!!

Don and Sandy said...

You are not an "old maid"
you are a wonderful aunt and a blessing in those lucky kids life.
I marvel at Sherry Dew and then the thot came to me of "How could she of done what she has done if she had a family to take care of.
Who knows what is in store for you,your life has a great purpose,sometimes we just can't see it now.

Jennifer said...

Those kids are so lucky to have YOU!!!

And I like your new background... nice.