Monday, February 11, 2008

Two More Kids...

I'm going to honor my nieces/nephews by posting a little something about them when it's their birthday.

Today it's all about Tyler and Raegan.

Tyler's 7th birthday was Friday. Raegan's 10th birthday is tomorrow. They are brother and sister and got to celebrate their birthdays with their family together (though they had separate parties with their friends). Their mom is embarrased about this cake, but it just goes to show it's homemade and those are always the yummiest, even if they're not the prettiest.

I don't get to see Tyler and Raegan all that often as they live in a different state than I do. But I sure do love them. Fiercely. And I miss their beautiful faces all the time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAE RAE AND TC! I love you a whole lot!


Chad and Cassie said...

And THEY LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for the tribute!

Anonymous said...

I love you to and I miss you a whole lot!
Love Raegan