Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

It used to be called Secretaries Day, but apparently that term went out of style several years ago and the PC term is now Administrative Assistant.

I am one of these. Actually I'm an Executive Assistant, but it's close to the same thing.

I always thought this was a day that was made up by the card and floral companies. I still personally don't find it necessary, most especially because I work at a place that constantly praises and recognizes everyone on a regular basis, not just because the hallmark companies out there say to. But it was awfully nice to come in and have a bouquet of flowers not only from my boss (daisies - amazing colored ones) but also from a fellow assistant (yellow tulips - wunnerful!). We've been getting high fives and well dones all day long from random people. Kinda makes me blush.

A great history of why this day exists is mentioned HERE. You may or may not be interested in it, but apparently the card companies did NOT create this day, though I find it hilarious to see the floral links at the bottom of the aforementioned article. They gotta get their digs in there somewhere.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying to all of you wonderful Administrative/Executive Assistants out there, HAPPY DAY TO YOU! And to all of you wonderful bosses out there, thanks for making this day/week special!

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Jennifer said...

Yeah I love how good they are to you. Totally deserved! AND I am loving enjoying your flowers. You should have taken them with you? But I'm glad I get to look at 'em.