Tuesday, June 17, 2008


As of today, my debt totals are:

Bank of America (stupid bank): $33,784.39
Mastercard: $2,235.91
GE Care Credit (for my dental stuff): $2,168.50
AZFCU (car): $7,175.33

GRAND TOTAL: $45,364.13

The last time I did an update in February (four month ago), the number was almost exactly the same. This is very discouraging. I know I had to add the dental stuff on there, and I KNOW that the 18.99% is killing me for the BofA loan (which I'm eventually going to put on a couple of low interest rate cards), so I shouldn't get too discouraged because I have a plan, right?

Blech. I'm tired of plans. I just want to get me out of this mess!


RSHixon said...

Stick to your plan! You are an inspiration.

grace said...

Richard always says that debt is like planting a seed. You plant a seed, but a plant/tree does not grow overnight. The same holds true for debt. You cannot eliminate debt overnight. Continue to be diligent in what you are doing! You're awesome!

LindaS said...

Debt is a challenge you work around until paid, but it DOES NOT define you or your life. In the year (a bit less) I've known you, I've seen a beautiful, many-faceted, generous, creative, on-the-ball young woman who--happily for me--seems to share many of my own interests and attitudes, and if there's a scarlet "D" on your chest, I've never noticed it.