Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great (and cheap) Mexican Food

My roomie Jennifer and I went to a new Mexican food restaurant last night. It's called Los 7 Compadres and it's at 2795 S Market Street. It's in the shopping center just west of Circuit City, Ulta, Old Navy, etc. It's right next to Quiznos. (Nearest crossroads are San Tan [Greenfield] and Williams Field.)

The price was great (I had a bean/cheese burrito for $2.78), the food was great, and the service was great. It's family owned and operated and I want for it to stay in business and do really well. So next time you NEED good Mexican food (and don't we all really NEED good Mexican food?), check it out. AND let me know what you think...

Here's a link to a review Jen found on it:


Susan said...

Sounds dandy!

Bren's Life said...

I am so There! So many people are Somborrow's fans & I just have to say I'm not. And it's hard to find good mexican.
All you Mesa Mormons don't really know good mexican food!!! Matta's or however you spell it & Somborro's.. Come on now!

Just kidding-