Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am taking baby steps.

Every morning when I wake up I wake up with the thought of what else can I do to help myself get out of debt quicker. Now that I've set my mind up to do this, I WANT IT DONE NOW.

One of my biggest pleasures is to read. I love reading and I love owning the books that I read. It has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to own a home with a real library in it, and so I was always thinking of that library as I would purchase books. Then I stopped thinking of the library and just purchased books because it was what I did. I never even considered going to a public library to read the latest and greatest Harlan Coben or Stephenie Meyer. Must. Own. Books. DUMB.

So far Heavenly Father has blessed me considerably with this decision to get out of debt. But sacrifice is a part of getting to where I want to be. I feel selling my beloved books is a sacrifice that is difficult to do, but absolutely necessary.

My sweet friend Debbie is having a garage sale this Saturday and I am putting all of my books, DVDs, and videos in her garage sale. I know I will only get pennies on the dollar for these books, but I'd rather them make me pennies than sit on my bookshelves, getting dusty, not making me any kind of cash.

And right now, it's all about the cash to pay off the debt.

If you're possibly interested in purchasing anything I have prior to Saturday, you can go to my Shelfari account. I have about 75% of those books posted on there (I sold several of my books to Bookman's so I no longer own everything I have posted on my Shelfari). Anyway, if you go to shelfari.com/LaRueski, you should be able to see what I have. Feel free to let me know if there's anything you're interested in.



Nikki said...

Tara- WAY TO GO GIRL!!! Your blog is going to inspire me to do the same thing. Financial Freedom has been really on my mind a lot lately and I completely agree with you that you have to be honest with yourself first to get anywhere. I'm proud of your baby steps! Miss you and hope you remember me :) tee hee love, Nikki

Tara LaRue said...

I wish I had your email address. I loved hearing from you Nikki! I look at your blog all the time coming from Jennifer's blog. Utah sounds like it's heaven for you and your family. Stay in touch!

Anonymous said...

Bret has directed me to your blog in hopes that i will learn something from you. I am super duper impressed with you though! Good job,

ps. my sister and i had a yard sale last week and she made some pretty decent money so they aren't all that bad.