Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Love Jen...

Jennifer and I went to Costco the other night for a couple of things she needed. As we were getting in the car, she asked me, "Do you REALLY need to bring your purse?" She is my getting-out-of-debt conscious and knew if I leave my purse at home, I'm less tempted to purchase anything.

Does she know me or does she know me? (I brought my purse anyway.)

There are some rather wickedly delightful (or delightfully wicked) chocolate truffles that Costco puts out every year for the holidays. She's never had them before and I wanted her to share in this dream candy. I put a box of them in our cart and she immediately took them out and told me we didn't need them.

I felt like a child getting her hand slapped for putting Hostess cupcakes in the grocery cart instead of the celery my mom asked for.

So I sulked a little and then we got to the book section. Oh boy. They carry a book there that I just finished and absolutely fell in love with. A friend of mine has been recently laid up with some major surgery and I wanted to get her this book to read. Again, Jen told me to tell my friend about the book and let her acquire it instead of me getting it for her.

That goes against everything I have ever done. But it's what I need to do right now and once again, Jen saved me from myself.

So, for anyone who wants to know, the book I read recently is called "Home to Holly Springs" by Jan Karon and it was phenomenal. Go to the library and be sure to check it out!

And gosh, thanks Jen for being so mean! (smile) Oh, and also thanks for the birthday present left to me this morning - a box of those exact same truffles I was going to purchase for her. Aint she great?


gibbez said...

We all love Jennifer! Great job Tara. Now what I do when I pass up something I want is I go home and transfer the money I would've spent into savings. If I have it to spend, I have it to save. I've done that for things as little as $5. It's kind of a different reward when you didn't get something you wanted.

SqUiRt said...

I learned a fun little trick in a personal finance class that may help with when you want to spend some money. If you see something you like/need, go home without buying whatever it was that you needed. Then give it a couple days, if you are willing to make a special trip to go back and get it you may actually really need it. I've done this a number of times and it has really helped me from spending money I didn't really need to spend.