Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NY pictures

Even though these don't really have much to do with getting out of debt, I wanted to share a couple of pictures taken while on my trip back east:

This is my mom and I in front of Niagra Falls (it was about 40 degrees).

This is my dad and I in front of the Sacred Grove. It was about 25 degrees this day and oh so so so cold. Beautiful, special, but just really very cold.

Here I am standing on the Smith Farm. Where the Palmyra Temple stands (in the background) is still part of the original land the Smiths


mistie said...

I love the pictures of you in Palmyra. I went there about 4 years ago when Reese lived there, but we went in May when everything was GREEN! Sure looks different in the winter time!

lilivw said...

Brad and I went to Palmyra and Niagra Falls several years ago. Brings back wonderful memories! Glad you had such a nice time. The chocolate cake looks heavenly - glad you splurged a bit!