Friday, November 16, 2007

Things are going well...

Many, many people continue to ask me how things are going and how I'm doing in my quest to get out of debt.

Things are going well, but oh. so. SLOW.

Since deciding to do this, it's all I can think about and trying to figure out ways to make it happen sooner. I know I've said this before, but I can't believe I let it get this bad, for one, and for two, I am begging for patience to get this taken care of. It's AMAZING how little time you need to get so far into debt, yet how LONG it takes to get out of it. It's an awful, awful VICIOUS cycle.

I guess the best success I've had so far is the fact I haven't used or even thought of using a credit card since I first started this. That in and of itself is truly a record. Seriously. Even when you go through the exercise of cutting up credit cards and washing your hands of them, in this day and age of electronic everything, most if not all of my numbers were stored on my favorite sites ( anyone?) and I didn't need the physical card to still use it.

It was totally deceptive and I'm ashamed of myself for being so sneaky.

Needless to say, those account numbers HAVE been deleted off of my favorite sites and they have been physically removed from my wallet.

It's really a phenomenal feeling. And the scariness of not having them around as "backup" has really gone away. Maybe not totally 100%, but pretty darn close to being completely gone. Wow.

Seriously - wow.


Jennifer said...

Yeah. PATIENCE. Gotta love it. I like this post T. You're a great writer.

lilivw said...

I am proud of you Tara! You are headed towards freedom and it will be well worth the agony. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

kristen said...

Hi Tara! Good for you for making these goals. There's nothing worse then debt. I hate it. Looks like you're making good progress though.

Sam Blackham said...


That is a great step toward finacial freedom. I think it is great you are not using the cards any longer.