Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm going to New York...

...for the Thanksgiving holidays. My mom and dad are serving a mission in the Rochester, NY mission office. I haven't seen them for a year and I have the privilege of getting to spend this holiday with them and a good portion of the other missionaries at the Palmyra visitor center. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?

Anyway, for this reason, I will not be blogging during this time away.

Oh, good news. I bought this plane ticket in July WITH MY DEBIT CARD, not a credit card, so this is one of the few things in my life that is actually paid for. It seriously makes this trip that much better, as anything this major is rarely paid for with cash. Don't know why I had such a vision of clarity when I bought this ticket. Yea for me!

Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours.


Don and Sandy said...

Hi Tara, glad you found us and we can share our blogs with each other. I'm proud of you for your committment to get out of debt, and to be so open about it. You are brave and a what a good tool to help you get through this. I know you will succeed.
Have a good time in New York and say hi to your Mom and Dad.

Stephanie said...

Hi Tara, I don't know you but I found your blog through Jennifer Brinkerhoff's. Is this the Jennifer that is your roommate? Anyway, your blog's title "The Debt Chronicles" caught my eye so I started reading some. I must first say GO YOU for the awesome $400 you got from selling your beloved books!

I am also very interested in money management and have read and listened to several. The latest audio book I checked out on finance at the library is "Women and Money" by Suze Orman. People either love her or hate her, but the fact is she really did help me understand a lot of things. So, my 2 cents is check out that book! Good luck on the rest of your journey to financial freedom :)

Amy said...

So I just found this whole "blog" world, and it's quite interesting. I just started my own, since I'll be moving soon I thought it would be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. I've read through most of yours, and am soo proud of you. You committed to this, and are really sticking to it- way to go. Hope you have a great weekend with your parents.

lilivw said...

It is interesting how we are prepared little by little to make changes in our lives. What a tender mercy you were inspired to purchase rather than charge. Hope you had a wonderful time!